Inks for large-scale processing of polymer solar cells

Large scale processing of polymer solar cells requires large amounts of ink and put special demands on it. Further development is needed in particular for the active layer and this is what the INKA project addresses.


Polymer solar cells

Polymer solar cells (PSC) is a cheap alternative to the traditional Si-based solar cells since they can be produced in large scale by roll-to-roll coating and printing procedures. However, there is a crucial bottleneck for the PSCs to become a strong player on then marked, i.e. the highly limited access to robust, cost effective inks for the processing of the active layer in the PSC, and the necessary printing unit and drying system to match it. These significant points form the core of the INKA project.

Researchers from Technical University of Denmark and Aalborg University will together with the two companies, GM and infinityPV, within the next four years focus their efforts on inks and machinery and the interaction between the two in order to produce PSC efficiently in large scale.

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